A lurker (c’mon people, just comment) sent me this. I pass it along to you.

Update: Eric suggested a change in the title. Which I’ve now made. Also, after watching this a couple of times, I have two thoughts: first, it’s remarkable to see the South’s fortunes wax and wane around key events, including Lee’s second invasion of the North, culminating in Gettysburg; and second, as David intimates in the comments, the spikes in the death toll after major battles are horrible to behold.

Update II: Well, I just watched this again, with a colleague this time, and I was struck by how much time passes after Gettysburg, and how much blood spills, before the war finally ends. In my Civil War class, I make this point. But in the survey, for the mass of the undergraduates I teach, after Pickett’s charge, the war’s pretty much over. I try to talk to them about the 1864 election, using Lincoln’s precarious position in late summer of that year as a way of explaining war fatigue. But this video makes the point more clearly and more powerfully. And I like the music.

Update III: And I’ve changed the title yet again. What a pathetic freak I am. I’ve also now watched the video without the sound, which didn’t add much to experience for me. Changing the title every few hours, though, now that’s blogging gold.