I expect many of our readers already know about “I still think of you, Jim Henson,” which I first saw thanks to Matt W.

But have you seen Kermit sing Nine Inch Nails’s “Hurt,” giving Johnny Cash a run for his money in the department of “deceased, heartbroken idol of millions pours out his soul like so much loose change and pocket lint”? You can, and you can also hear him sing a number of other downers, here. Especially Radiohead’s “Creep,” in his very own way: “But I am green. I’m a weirdo.” Which also features, unless my ears deceive me, a seriously hurtin’ Grover. Or possibly Herry.

On more of an up note, “The Dead Hensons,” whose myspace page has streaming versions of some seriously excellent covers of that old muppet music.

If like me you have occasion to watch Sesame Street now, you know that Kermit is basically retired, and though there is an Ernie, he is just not the Ernie. And occasionally they’ll drop in an old Ernie and Bert sketch featuring the Ernie, which reminds me again of the saddest comic ever. And if you’re thinking “Sad Kermit” is heresy, do you not remember when Ernie, that poor kid, was accosted by an “O” dealer, for Pete’s sake? He knew a nickel was above street price. Which is not to say that it’s not suitable for children, at all.

Below the fold is Ernie with Aaron Neville, just in case you need it. As sometimes one does.