Ezra Klein, who’s freezing his tail off in New Hampshire so that you don’t have to, checks in from an Obama rally and writes:

Somehow, this run of his, these crowds of his, feel historic. The words “Bobbie Kennedy” float up dozens of times a night.

I’ve been thinking about that comparison, and other historical analogies, a lot lately. These thoughts keep me awake nights.

[Editor’s Note: I apologize for writing so much about Obama lately. I’m not angling to turn this into a political site. There are plenty of those already. But I do believe that Obama’s run has the potential to be historic, if you’ll forgive my use of that loaded word. And that’s why I’m so captivated by what I’m seeing, so swept up in the moment. All of that said, I plan to write less about current events and more about what I know: the past. Thanks for your patience.]