Ugh, another apparently embittered scholar suggests that Republicans are persecuted in the social sciences and humanities at American universities. What’s left to say about this sort of thing? It’s true that everywhere I’ve taught or studied (lots of places, representing lots of different types of institutions, in lots of different geographic regions), political progressives have far outnumbered conservatives. This also seems to be the case for most of my friends. I just don’t know why more of my colleagues don’t have Rudy! bumper stickers on their hybrids. And nobody else seems to, either.

As for Maranto’s claim that liberal hegemony at universities “is bad for society because academics’ ideological blinders make it more difficult to solve domestic problems and to understand foreign challenges,” all I can say is: oh please. If that’s really his explanation for lousy policy, I think I know why his colleagues aren’t always nice to him; he’s not that bright.

Anyway, here’s a rebuttal of the op-ed. And a tip of the hat to the folks at Shakespearesister for bringing this to my attention.