Welcome everyone and anyone who comes here because today the great Scott McLemee writes:

Eric Rauchway, a professor of history at the University of California at Davis, was interviewed in this column previously. He has contributed to The New Republic’s effort to create the academic supergroup blog Open University, which I think is technically still alive. (If you hold a mirror under its nose, there is fog, sometimes.) With his colleague Ari Kelman, he has more recently been blogging at Edge of the West.

Rauchway is a fan of Ben Wolfson’s blog waste: “If you had been living on a blogless planet, and then had blogs described to you, and then were asked to hypothesize what a scholar’s blog might look like, this would be it: rich in dry wit, obscure wordplay, and shaggy dog stories.”

Wait, Open University is still alive? They told me I couldn’t post on it anymore, but it went to live on a farm and is very happy.

Here’s the rest of my recommendation of Wolfson, which ended up on McLemee’s cutting-room floor: the blog’s motto is “nescire aude.” If you think that’s funny, then you don’t need my recommendation. If you don’t think that’s funny, my recommendation probably won’t sway you. Also, this is a good post.

And again, welcome.