One of my best friends just sent me a note in which he wrote the following: “when I was blogging I thought the commenters just spilled stuff on the furniture.” Okay. But that’s not the case here. We want you to spill stuff on the furniture. That’s why we stole the plastic slipcovers from my great-aunt’s place.

Seriously, at last count I’ve received 27 e-mails from well-wishers, each one saying how much they like the blog and how they hope it goes well. The notes are very nice. I appreciate them. I thank you all for getting in touch. But this will only be fun if it’s interactive. So stop e-mailing and start commenting.

Update: The e-mails now number 34 37. Again, I love hearing from you. You’re all wonderful. And you look great today. Have you been working out? But please comment rather than writing. You know that you can do so anonymously, right? We won’t out you for saying that you love Will Saletan and think that Josiah Nott was a great mind. Okay, maybe we will. But short of that, you don’t have to admit that you’re you. And we promise not to tell anyone.

Update the second: Now I’ll stop my whining. Thanks to those of you who have commented.