Kung Fu Monkey:

I’m always amused at libertarians, because they so love markets but never seem to understand how business actually works.

It’s something that historians of the nineteenth century all know, but could explain a little better: if there’s one thing a businessman hates, it’s an open market. Because you have to compete! For heaven’s sake, it’s not something they keep a secret, people. Just read the old Moody’s, where they complain bitterly about “crazy competition” and try to set up cartels and monopolies with whatever speed, ferocity, and secrecy the current contours of the law allow or require.

The role of unions as a countervailing force is to keep the market functioning, given this reality of business behavior. The role of a regulator is to keep the unions functioning as a countervailing force.

Also, libertarians are just anarchists with a socially acceptable name, aren’t they?