You really are utterly worthless. Your latest outrage, in a long parade of horrors, agreeing to vote for Judge Mukasey, is the final straw for me. Are you so frightened of the president’s sub-30% approval rating that you can’t even muster the guts to stand with the decent people of the world against torture? Seriously, what in God’s name is wrong with you?

Actually, come to think of it, you’re far worse than worthless, as your seat, should you choose to do the honorable thing and give it up, would almost certainly be taken by another Democrat. And, unless Joe Lieberman wants to uproot Hadassah and the kids for a long move out to Orange County — where, in fairness, they’d just love to have him — I can’t think of a Democrat more craven than you. So there’s nothing but upgrades out there. Also, think of the money some loonbag Republican would waste trying to win your seat. Daryl Issa would probably throw gazzilions of dollars at the race. And that would be theater.

So what’s your excuse? I understand why the Ben Nelsons and Evan Bayhs of the world suck. You, though, don’t have to answer to the people of Nebraska or Indiana. Which leaves principle. You must actually believe that having Attorney General Mukasey, a man who can’t tell whether or not waterboarding is illegal, is the preferable choice. I have bad news for you: not only are you wrong, but you’ve just sold your soul. Enjoy the pottage.

Update: It goes without saying that open letters are a bit cliché. But, Senator Feinstein, you’re so horrid, so truly obejctionable, that you’re worth the embarrassment.