Lots of dumb stuff about best blog post ever (which, honestly, I generally concur in the choices, especially the Davies Bush Initiative Test and the Editors’ Poker with Dick Cheney) made me want to bookmark this, especially for the concluding exchange.

Tyrone: (shrugs) Probably right, then. Speaking of Obama, I need to get t-shirts printed up to sell.

John: I can do that on the web. What do they say?

Tyrone: Don’t You Dare Kill Obama

John: How about Don’t You Dare Kill Obama (… and we know you’re thinking about it)

Tyrone: Niiiiice.

John: Or You Kill Obama and WE WILL BURN SHIT DOWN

Tyrone: Even better. Nobody wants their shit burned down.

John: Glad to help.

Tyrone: I’m having you taken off the list for when the revolution comes.

John: … there’s really a list —

Tyrone: Oh yeah. Hell yeah.